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Xero Pointer #7 Adding a payment service to get paid faster

xero pointer #7  adding a payment service to get paid faster

Weve discussed the benefits of Xeros online invoicing facility many a time in this blog. Now well show you how to add a Pay Nowbutton to your bills and encourage even faster online payments from your clients.

And even if you dont currently have an online payment provider, you can still benefit from this brilliant feature.

Start by logging into Xero and navigating to Invoice Options, then Online Payments. If you do already have an online payment provider, heres where you will select it from the drop down list.

If you dont, youll be prompted to sign up for a Stripe account.

Enter your email and your business bank account details to register, then click Save and Continue. You should then receive an email from Stripe enabling you to activate your account and complete setup.

Youre now able to receive online payments by card - and you can also return to the Online Paymentstab in Xero to add Paypal as a secondary payment option.

Thats all there is to it. Next time you send your customer an invoice, theyll be able to pay on credit/debit card instantaneously, simply by clicking the Pay Nowbutton.

An ideal way to get cash into your business, quicker!

Watch the video to find out more about how it works


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