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Policies & Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Inform, we're transparent about what we're doing to make a difference, and want to encourage our clients and others to do the same. 


Sustainability starts at home

Sustainability is fast becoming an issue that more and more businesses and individuals are demanding from their suppliers. You may be thinking, ‘but how can an accounting firm be sustainable, they sell services not products?’. 

Sustainability also ecompasses social responsibility, which focuses not just on caring for the environment, but in the way we interact with our community, care for our employees and how we behave as a business.

Inform - Charity Work

Committed to change

As our customers make changes, whether in their business or personal lives, to become more sustainable, it’s only fair that they should expect the same from the businesses they work with - including us.

At Inform Accounting, we’re already committed to improving our carbon footprint, taking steps to develop our social and environmental initiatives, and empowering our employees to do the same.

We support a number of different charities close to the hearts of our employees - some of the team even dressed up as Elves for the Birmingham Children's Hospital!

How we can make a difference together


What are we doing?

At Inform Accounting, we’ve already started to implement our ECO Initiative:

  • E - Environmental Sustainability

  • C - Corporate Social Responsibility

  • O - Organisational Diversity



What can you do?

Whatever your reason for looking into improving your sustainability, there are always small, simple steps you can take to start making a difference.

  • switch to LED bulbs

  • host virtual meetings

  • reduce your wastage

  • educate your team, family and friends

Every business, every individual, will sooner or later be forced to start thinking about these sorts of changes. Why not get ahead of the game and start now?

Check out our FREE ebook on how to become more sustainable - available for download now.




Download your FREE sustainability guide

Making an impact doesn't need to mean making fundamental and disruptive changes. It can start with small, simple and meaningful steps.

In our ebook, we take a look at some of the actions you can take now to start making a difference, improving your environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

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Read about how we're making a social impact

We're committed to making a positive impact on our local and global communities - see what we're up to, and how you can be a part it!