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App Advisory

Our unrivaled expertise in the latest accounting technology will enable you to harness the full capabilities of applications and transform your financial management processes.


Masters of Xero and Quickbooks

Whilst our application advisory services expands beyond this, we pride ourselves in being experts in both Xero and Quickbooks.

With years of experience and expertise, we can ensure you are getting the most out of either system and they are fully integrated with any wider accounting processes.

  • Xero

    We're a proud Platinum Xero partner, and can ensure you are making the most of the platform and mobile apps

  • Quickbooks

    Quickbooks is an essential tool for many businesses, and our experts can help maximise the productivity it provides

We also have expertise in dozens of other apps, including:

Makes bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient.


Easily collect recurring payments directly from your customers

download (8)-1

Real-time cash flow forecast syncing with Xero and Quickbooks


Finance your business and manage cashflow in one platform


Easy to use reporting, forecasting and financial analysis tool

download (9)

An easy platform to create online store & sell products online.


Sourcing smart finance options for businesses of all size.

download (10)

A complete payment solution which speeds up getting paid

download (11)

Small business finance solutions & business funding.


Automate payroll payments with the click of a button.


Tangible benefits for you

Because we know our way around these accounting applications, we're able to provide the best possible support to your business:

Application flexibility

Our knowledge of the various accounting technology options ensures we can adapt to your unique business requirements.

Seamless integration

We excel in bridging the gaps between accounting applications, meaning we can help ensure your chosen applications work together.

Personalised guidance

Our vast experience across multiple applications ensures that, no matter which applications you use, we're able to provide you with tailored support.

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Taking your accounting tech to the next level

There is a wide variety of accounting technology on offer, and at Inform we're dedicated to supporting you with the applications that fit your processes.

Getting this wrong can lead to applications not working in sync with each other, and result in increased administrative burdens.

Our specialists will help you navigate the landscape of accounting software, and ensure you are set up with an integrated and optimised accountancy tech stack.

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See which apps we work with

We work with over 40 different app partners, digital banks, ecommerce platforms, so no matter what your business or industry, we've got you covered. Discover some of our favourite apps...

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