Business Protection Services

Protecting your business from unwanted scrutiny


Time. Stress. Money.

HMRC investigations are time consuming and can last for many months, causing stress and costing money. As your accountant, we want to protect you.

That’s why we offer a Business Protection Service. Our service protects you against the cost of professional fees associated with a tax investigation, as well as keeping time and stress factors to a minimum, so you don’t get caught in the wave.

We have the expertise and experience to deal with HMRC on your behalf, so that your investigation flows more smoothly, allowing you the best chance to bring the matter to an early conclusion. Our early intervention can lead to an early resolution.

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Eliminate the stress

We can help eliminate the stress factor from your investigation. As the middleman between you and HMRC, the sole purpose of our service is to support you, protect you, and put your mind at ease.

We will safeguard you from the cost of the accountancy fees associated with a tax investigation, so you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no additional accountancy fees to pay.

Whether you’re an individual submitting a tax return, a sole trader, or a limited company, we’ve got you covered.


Protect your business from enquiry

HMRC identify and target areas where they believe tax is at risk. They use sophisticated software to cross match a wide range of data sources, and any anomalies can lead to an investigation. HMRC then follow them up with an enquiry, but ultimately any HMRC return can be selected for an investigation.

Enquiries may stem from the use of sophisticated software, from HMRC actively encouraging members of the public to report taxpayers via their hotline, or may even be random.

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Areas of investigation covered

  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment
  • Income Tax Self-Assessment
  • PAYE
  • P11D
  • National Insurance
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • IR35
  • VAT
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Gift Aid legislation and regulations

Benefit from round the clock support

As well as support with HMRC, our service also includes:

  • VAT visits
  • Employer compliance visits
  • Check of employer records
  • Interventions
  • Capital gains tax

For those of you in business and with employees, it gets even better. You can gain access to a dedicated team of HR consultants and employment law specialists who can assist you in growing your business by providing proactive commercial advice regarding the managing and well-being of your staff.


Download your free financial KPI guide

Need help setting and achieving your goals? The KPIs listed in this guide will help provide the insight you need to keep your business growing. We can help you set your targets, track your data and report back through the provision of management accounts - a monthly or quarterly set of statements that put you firmly in control of your finances.

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