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Platinum champion partner

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Partner since 2012

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All numbers being equal, we shouldn’t really have any favourites. But we’ve definitely got a soft spot for Xero. And it turns out Xero has a soft spot for us, since we were awarded the Xero UK Mid-Sized Firm of the Year 2022.

Xero is an online accounting platform, allowing you to deal with your business finances on the go. It brings together your real-time bank transactions, invoicing and expenses in one simple dashboard, easily accessible wherever you are.

It saves you time, hassle – and money, too. Because everything you can see, we can see at the same time – putting us in the perfect position to advise you on your financial situation.

Speaking of which, we were the first Xero Platinum Partner in Birmingham, acknowledged by Xero as the experts. (And did we mention we won the 2022 Xero UK Mid-Sized Firm of the Year? We did? Read on, then.) All our team are Xero certified, with years of experience under our belts.

Why Xero really adds Up...

Xero is the world’s leading online accountancy platform, already helping more than 200,000 businesses to streamline their financial data. They all love it. We love it. 

Modern cloud accounting software, like Xero can help you in a variety of ways, but none more so than allowing you to see what your business looks like in real-time.

As the Xero UK Mid-Sized Firm of the Year, we promise Xero support and Xero expertise all year round (though admittedly that works better if you don’t read it out loud).

To find out how it can work for your business, just drop us a line and we’ll arrange a no-obligation trial. Trust us, it’ll be the start of something special…

  • Manage invoices, expenses & cashflow in real time
  • Send invoices automatically and get paid online
  • Get balances, sales figures & bills on the move 
  • Use simple budgeting tools to keep on top of spending
  • Integrate with more than 700+ brilliantly useful apps
  • Up-to-date reporting, linked to all transactions
  • Receive unlimited, round-the-clock technical support
  • Manage spending & make bulk payments to creditors
  • Use simple budgeting tools to control spending
  • Fathom helps us to interpret your Xero data, and analyse your cash flow, COGS, and pipeline.

All done? Great – then give us a call and we’ll go through all the services you need in more detail. And of course if you can’t decide, or you’re not sure exactly what you need, we’re happy to help.

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Make the most of Xero add-On apps

We can advise you on the best Xero add-ons for your business and help you get them set-up. We specialise in working with the following add-ons.

Makes bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient.


An intuitive cashflow management tool.


Easy to use financial analysis tool to help interpret your Xero data


Sourcing smart finance options for businesses of all size.


Small business finance solutions & business funding.


Accept recurring payments the way you want to.


On-demand business finance with Xero integration.


An easy platform to create online store & sell products online.


Makes getting paid faster a piece of cake.


Automate payroll payments with the click of a button.


Xero Go for Sole Traders

Xero Go is an on the go business admin tracking mobile app that makes it easier for smaller sole traders to stay on top of paperwork, keep  finances up to date, and share numbers with ease.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Spend less time on financial admin
  • Improve the invoicing process and get paid faster
  • Gain a better understanding of cash flow
  • Keep track of money coming in and going out with live data



Download your free financial KPI guide

Need help setting and achieving your goals? The KPIs listed in this guide will help provide the insight you need to keep your business growing. We can help you set your targets, track your data and report back through the provision of management accounts - a monthly or quarterly set of statements that put you firmly in control of your finances.

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Download your free financial KPI guide

Need help setting and achieving your goals? 

The KPIs listed in this guide will help provide the insight you need to keep your business growing.

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