Accountancy for small businesses

Helping your small business grow

Know your numbers, realise your potential

Making sense of the numbers is the key to running a successful business - but while big organisations can afford the luxury of full finance departments, many a small business relies on an occasional (misleading) glance at the bank balance to see the lie of the land.

You simply don’t have the time to get a handle on the bigger picture - the impending outgoings, the potential shortfalls - and when you do find time to catch up on your accounting, you’re frustrated by tiresome admin.

The end result is that you only perform the basics to stay compliant and manage your cash flow, and do nothing to put the foundations in place to grow your business, make more profit and protect your business’s future

At Inform, we bring a bit of ‘big business finance’ to small companies like yours - providing expert insight into your numbers to help you make informed decisions that promote business growth.

How we help

Where a traditional accountant will handle your end of year tax returns and balance the books retrospectively, we take a somewhat more proactive, modern approach.

We’ll set up your business with the cloud accounting platform Xero, which gives us (and you) real-time access to a wide range of key figures, allowing you to make big business decisions in a more timely fashion.

And because Xero helps to streamline your financial processes - think automated invoices and instant reporting - you’ll win back all that wasted admin time.

We can even tailor Xero to the specific needs of your business, with an ever-growing selection of applications available that extend the system’s functionality. So let Xero do the hard work, while we work together on developing your business. 

  • Core accounting: Statutory accounts preparation, corporation and self-assessment tax returns, quarterly VAT returns, payroll & auto-enrolment and bookkeeping services.
  • Management accounts: Regular reporting and reviews on your businesses key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Business growth advice: As your virtual CFO, we'll help you develop your business plan and review progress regularly, offering expert financial advice.
  • Xero: We’ll supply Xero’s online accounting package, plus help you get set-up properly and provide year-round support with add-ons when required.
  • Sales vs actual forecast: Compare your actual figures with your forecasted figures, to know if your business is heading in the right direction.
  • Wage percentage: Forecasting whether or not you can afford to employ in-house staff members will minimise risk and help you plan growth wisely.
  • Return on excess cash: Excess cash will not aid you in making more cash, therefore it must be reinvested to grow. Conversely, if your cash is diminishing then we can help you find new income streams & reduce outgoings.
  • Client growth rate: Tracking the growth in the number of clients on the firm’s books reveals whether the firm is expanding or contracting.

All done? Great – then give us a call and we’ll go through all the services you need in more detail. And of course if you can’t decide, or you’re not sure exactly what you need, we’re happy to help.


Download your free financial KPI guide

Need help setting and achieving your goals? The KPIs listed in this guide will help provide the insight you need to keep your business growing. We can help you set your targets, track your data and report back through the provision of management accounts - a monthly or quarterly set of statements that put you firmly in control of your finances.

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Setting a P&L budget is not enough

Don't lull yourself into a false sense of security, by only setting a budget for your income/profit and loss statement.

We'll help you understand the relationship between your balance sheet, cash flow and P&L, so you're in more control.

And because it's real-time, you'll be able to access your numbers anywhere and on any device to see your current financial position.