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Helping you to get the most out of QuickBooks

QuickBooks has become an essential tool for countless small businesses, so it’s only natural that we provide support to our SME customers in making the most of this revolutionary accounting tool.

Enterprises have flocked to QuickBooks in recent years as it offers a relatively simple way to operate professional accounting for companies without in-house finance teams and resources.

Its wide range of functionality, combined with its accessibility across PCs and mobile devices at any time, make it ideal for agile businesses that need solutions that suit the way they work day-to-day.

At Inform Accounting, we have years of expertise in helping our small business clients get more from QuickBooks, creating an experience that’s faster, more efficient, easier to learn and that provides greater financial transparency and accountability.

Why QuickBooks makes sense for you...

Whatever industry your company operates in, you can make QuickBooks complement your business perfectly. Its dashboards are fully customisable, so that you can quickly get a view of unpaid invoices, expense amounts and other metrics in ways that are meaningful to you.

Dext Prepare fully integrates with QuickBooks, and will scan, sort, and automatically publish paperwork and invoices. This means you

drastically cut down on the admin needed to keep your accounts up to date.

With QuickBooks, you also have the ability to directly link relevant bank accounts, and to track incomings and outgoings across inventory, bills, expenses and more. That way, you can always get the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the true financial position of your business.

  • Use report and invoice templates to create professional, accurate documents in minutes
  • Embrace digital-first accounting and phase out paper-based and manually-entered records
  • Save time and effort with a user-friendly platform that’s easy to understand and navigate
  • Access full accounting information anywhere, any time, via web or mobile app
  • Automatically add invoice and receipt data with a simple scan
  • Sync data from other relevant apps and bank accounts for seamless integration

Ready to start getting the most from QuickBooks? Give us a call and we’ll go through all the services you need in more detail. And of course if you can’t decide, or you’re not sure exactly what you need, we’re happy to help.

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Make the most of QuickBooks add-On apps

We can advise you on the best QuickBooks add-ons for your business and help you get them set-up. We specialise in working with the following add-ons.

Makes bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient.


An intuitive cashflow management tool


Easy to use management reporting and financial analysis tool.


Sourcing smart finance options for businesses of all size.


Small business finance solutions & business funding.


Accept recurring payments the way you want to.


On-demand business finance with QuickBooks integration.


An easy platform to create online store & sell products online.


Makes getting paid faster a piece of cake.


Aumotimate payroll payments with the click of a button.


Download your free financial KPI guide

Need help setting and achieving your goals? The KPIs listed in this guide will help provide the insight you need to keep your business growing. We can help you set your targets, track your data and report back through the provision of management accounts - a monthly or quarterly set of statements that put you firmly in control of your finances.

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