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Whether you're running a fast-moving digital creative business, or a traditional agency, it’s easy to forget about your own ‘user journey’. How you’ll grow your business & make a good margin year-on-year.

Building profitability into your creative agency is essential, and at Inform, we help you do it by providing a clear view on your all-important numbers.

We use Xero online accounting software to take the hassle out of your bookkeeping and accounting, giving us more time to focus on proper business advice - and giving you more time to keep doing the creative work you love.

Agency life is a tough balancing act - you need to keep track to build a sustainable business, rather than ride the typical roller-coaster.

How we help

With Xero as your financial platform, we can help you win back your creative time and leave all that unappealing admin to the software.

We can tailor the system to your business, too, building in cutting-edge project management applications that help you track your productivity and streamline your studio operations with ease.

From automated invoices to clear cashflow projections, we help make sure the money keeps rolling in. And we help you keep it there too, using expert financial planning to minimise your tax bill come the end of the year.

We'll help you get a better fix on your most profitable customers, your most valuable team members and freelancers, as well as find ways to price for value-based projects & longer-term retainers.

  • Core accounting: Statutory accounts preparation, corporation and self-assessment tax returns, quarterly VAT returns, payroll & auto-enrolment and bookkeeping services.
  • Management accounts: Regular reporting and reviews on your businesses key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Business growth advice: As your virtual CFO, we'll help you develop your business plan and review progress regularly, offering expert financial advice.
  • Xero: We’ll supply Xero’s online accounting package, plus help you get set-up properly and provide year-round support with add-ons when required.
  • Profit margins: This KPI will protect your business from overspending on a given task by ensuring you can profit from the time you put into a client project.
  • Efficiency: In the creative world, efficiency is key. Are your staff not performing to their optimum and if not why not? We'll help you find out.
  • Operating profit per head: If your profit per head is down (but revenue up) it indicates over-spending - controlling your wage bill and other agency costs is key to a better bottom line.
  • Profit per client: You probably know which of your clients brings in the most revenue, but which ones are the most profitable?

All done? Great – then give us a call and we’ll go through all the services you need in more detail. And of course if you can’t decide, or you’re not sure exactly what you need, we’re happy to help.

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Making creativity pay

The single biggest factor in turning a ‘massive’ profit from your creative company is an almost religious focus on knowing and controlling your finances. This ebook has been developed to
shine a light on what we've observed as best practice by highly profitable creative companies.

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Where do you really want to be?

It's a question that creative agency leaders don't ask themselves enough. Consumed in the day-to-day of the business, often firefighting or focused on client work, it's hard to get a grip on the effects that today's decisions will make.

You cannot run a successful business without a fluid, operational forecast. It's your navigation system in a storm.

We'll make sure forecasting is the pulse behind your decisions.

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