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Three ways your accountant can help grow your business

Three ways your accountant can help grow your business

Until the day we stop calling ourselves accountants and opt for a more glamorous title (all suggestions welcome), theres little chance well ever shake the popular perception that were just number crunchers. 

But in reality, the people who balance your books at the end of the year can - given half the chance - play a huge role in helping you grow your business.

Heres just a few ways in which your accountant can help you build your empire, while simultaneously keeping the taxman from the door


Help with funding

If theres one thing youre going to need to grow your business, its money. Money to invest in a bigger team, new premises, innovative technology, more stock.

In minimising your tax bill at the end of each year, your accountant will help you build your bank balance little by little - but there are other ways in which your accountant can help you get your hands on cold hard cash too.

Setting you up with an invoice funding platform is one of them. Invoice funding allows you to sell unpaid invoices to a third party, to get money into your business straight away rather than waiting for your client to pay.

We recommend the use of Satago, a platform which integrates with Xero and offers a wealth of other cashflow-focused features as well as the invoice funding facility.

Of course, funding can also be provided by your bank. Needless to say, the better relationship you have with your bank, the easier youll find it to get business loans when you need them - so heres another way your accountant can help


Management accounts

Management Accounts are a monthly or quarterly set of statements prepared by your accountant, showing you an up-to-date picture of your business finances.

They enable you to measure your ongoing performance against KPIs (key performance indicators), and identify areas for improvement right across your business. Effectively, its like having an ad-hoc CFO on board.

Typically, a set of management accounts will include a profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement and a short report. Together, these documents provide a wealth of data so much more insightful than a periodic check of your bank balance.

After all, a healthy bank is little indicator of your true position if a raft of outgoings are in the pipeline.


Sector specific support

When youre seeking to grow business, its worth aligning yourself with an accountant who knows your industry. If theyve worked with businesses like yours in the past, theyll have a unique financial insight into what works and what doesnt in your sector.

At Inform, for example, were particular specialists in the fields of hair and beauty salons and creative/digital agencies.

With specific industry knowledge, detailed understanding of the economy and access to all your financial data, theres nobody better placed than your accountant to help you expand.

We can help you identify new markets, assess potential new revenue streams, evaluate and adapt the structure of your business and put a strategic plan in place - all with the benefit of past experience thats directly relevant to your sector.

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