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Converting from Quickbooks and Sage to Xero? It’s easier than you think…

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Every year, more and more businesses are moving their accounts to the Cloud - and as the launch of HMRCs Making Tax Digital approaches, that migration is likely to pick up speed.


Making Tax Digital will sooner or later require all businesses to keep digital accounting records, and Cloud platforms like Xero offer the ideal solution - providing a host of benefits compared to traditional desktop software.


First theres the flexibility to access your accounts anywhere, not just at your desk. Then theres the real-time collaboration with your accountant or financial advisor. Not to mention the enhanced data security and the convenience of not having to run back-ups all the time.


These benefits are no secret. So if you havent made the switch away from desktop software yet, its likely to be for one of two reasons.


Either you have invested heavily in your desktop package and server set-up, and dont want to wastethe investment OR you dont want the hassleof switching to a brand new platform, and having to carry all your data across to the new system.


Heres why you dont need to worry


The cost of standing still 

If you havent long been running Sage, Quickbooks or other desktop accounting package, its only natural you might feel you havent yet had your moneys worth. In many cases though, persisting with it could prove false economy - especially with Making Tax Digital coming up.


In order to comply with initial MTD requirements, most desktop users will be required to upgrade to the latest version of the software - which could cause compatibility issues with your machine, and therefore involve further investment in your server hardware.


As Making Tax Digital evolves, more upgrades could be required later down the line, potentially incurring further costs just to keep pace.


With Xero, you never have to upgrade to a latest version, and youll never have to worry about compatibility issues with your PC. Unlike Sage, you wont be lumbered with extra costs for additional users either - so as your business grows, your accounting costs wont.


Regardless of the outlay youve already made on accounting software, a switch to Xero will always be cost-effective.


The simplest switch you could make 

So, what about this perceived hassle of switching from Sage or Quickbooks to Xero? You probably cant afford to spend days porting all your financial information across from platform to platform - but the good news is you wont have to. We can do it all for you.


The even better news? We can have all your data set up in Xero in a matter of hours.


Using a third-party conversion tool, well extract all your core accounting data for the last two years (more if you wish) from your Sage or Quickbooks back-up file, and upload it into your new Xero account, ready to go.


That includes your chart of accounts, customer and supplier contact details (plus the balances on all accounts), and details of all your individual transactions.


While its a highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform, we do of course also provide Xero training to help you get the best out of the system from the very start.


Still something stopping you from switching? Give us a call  on 0121 667 3882 and well be happy to discuss if Xero is the right fit for your business.


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