Last updated: August 27, 2015

XERO POINTERS #2 Easy Invoicing with Xero-to-Xero Network

XERO POINTERS #2 Easy Invoicing with Xero-to-Xero Network

As more and more organisations turn to online accounting with Xero, managing your own business finances actually becomes easier!

Thats because the Xero-to-Xero network allows you to connect directly with customers or suppliers who are also using the platform. 

By linking up (using the unique Xero network key that every business is issued with), you can send and receive invoices straight into one anothers dashboard - cutting down manual data-entry time and the associated costs. 

Watch the video below to find out how easy it is to connect to your customers and send invoices over the Xero-to-Xero network. 


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