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Xero Pointer #12- Storing files and documents in Xero


If youre au fait with cloud accountancy platforms like Xero, youre probably also familiar with cloud storage facilities like Dropbox.

You might not know, however, that Xero actually has its own file storage capabilities - allowing you to keep all your invoices, bills and contracts in one safe place and share them automatically with your accountant.

Storing files in Xero makes perfect sense, putting important business documents at your fingertips whenever you log in to your online accounts - and its really easy to do.

You can drag or drop files just like you would in Dropbox, and you can email documents too (so when you receive a bill from a supplier, you can just hit forward).

With the files stored in Xero, youll then be able to use them in all kinds of ways. You might want to attach a photo file to a clients contact details or attach a supplier invoice to a bill for instance.

And because theres very little restriction on file type, youll be able to upload virtually any document going, whether youve created it yourself or received it from a client.


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