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Traineeships – would your business benefit from a new generation of talent?

The talent shortage continues to place a burden on the economy. As companies struggle to find the talent they need, now is the time to invest in new and more strategic approaches to developing an early talent pipeline. One way of bringing in new talent is through traineeships. 

A traineeship is a work-based skills development programme that includes a work placement. There is a free government scheme (outlined below), although you may have your own business costs. Some employers may choose to pay the wages and expenses such as travel and living costs.

 The full programme can last from 6 weeks to 1 year, though most traineeships last for between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. Your business needs to be able to offer a work experience placement between 70 to 240 hours. You work with a training provider to design what is included in the programme. Trainees can gain English, maths and work-related qualifications which can lead them on to:

  • an apprenticeship
  • work
  • further education


Employers need to provide:

  • a safe, meaningful and high-quality work experience placement.
  • a minimum of 70 hours of work experience placement throughout the entire traineeship (if the trainee claims benefits, the placement cannot last longer than 240 hours).
  • constructive feedback and advice to the trainee.
  • an interview for an apprenticeship or job in their organisation at the end of the traineeship if one is available.
  • an exit interview at the end of the traineeship with meaningful written feedback if no job is available.


Traineeships can benefit your business by:

  • providing a stepping-stone for your future apprentices.
  • allowing you to test out a new position in your business without committing to full-time hires.
  • attracting a new generation of talent.
  • offering financial incentives of up to £1,000 per trainee.


If you are interested in offering a work placement for a traineeship

  • Contact the National Apprenticeship Service to register your interest and ask for advice and support on traineeships. They can help you set up a traineeship and advertise it on Find a traineeship.
  • Partner with a training provider who will help you to design a traineeship that will meet your business needs. They will also advertise the work experience placement for you.
  • Agree with the trainee and your training provider about what each of you expects from the traineeship.

See:  Traineeship information for employers - GOV.UK (


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