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How your business can benefit from automating processes

how your business can benefit from automating processes

The old adage states that if you want something done properly, you should do it yourself - but when youre running a business, it makes sense to automate as many of your processes as possible.

And with cloud accounting software, project management platforms, CRM systems and more at your disposal, there are now more opportunities than ever to let tech take care of tasks on your behalf!

There are many advantages of automating processes for your business. Most notably, it frees up time for you and your staff, making your business more efficient, productive and profitable. It also eliminates the chance of human error (everyone makes mistakes).

With the right software or systems, you can automate processes right across your business but heres a few key areas you may want to investigate first.


If youre not already using cloud accounting software to record your business finances, switching to a platform like Xero will streamline your processes immeasurably. With Xero, sales data will feed automatically into your accounts, youll be able to set up automatic repeat invoices for regular clients and insightful reports will be available at the click of a button.

And even if you are already using Xero, chances are you can further automate your financial processes by integrating the system with some of the exceptional add-on applications available.

Some of our favourites include ReceiptBank (which saves you time by scanning your expenses receipts and pulling the data straight into your accounts) and GoCardless, a super-efficient payment system that enables you to get your money in quicker.


Project Management

Automating your financial processes is a great first step towards a more efficient business, and once youve got a platform like Xero in place, youll be able to plug project management software in too. 

Xero is compatible with a number of project management and workflow programs, allowing you not only to manage your projects more easily, but also to see the financial impact of the way in which your employees spend their time.

WorkflowMax is one of the most popular project management applications available, enabling you to record every element of a project and work out its profitability.


CRM / Sales

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has revolutionised the way in which businesses interact with customers, and offers further opportunity to automate your key business processes.

Bringing together all your customer data into one single interface (instead of having your sales staff trawl through disparate pieces of information) enables you to see every interaction that youve had with a prospect, with minimum effort. This allows better campaign targeting, and gives your sales staff more time to do what they do best sell!

CRM software also helps you automate your sales follow-up process, sending out the right content and communications to customers at the right time.

To streamline your business systems as much as possible, you might want to look into a CRM that integrates with Xero too. There are currently more than 40 CRM add-ons for Xero, including popular apps from Salesforce and Capsule.

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