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Credit Control

Making sure you get paid on time

Getting paid shouldn't be hard work

Picking up the phone to chase payments can be uncomfortable, and at worst can potentially damage important client relationships (if not done correctly). But having a well-oiled credit control function can take the pain out of the chase.

Credit control isn't just about making sure you get paid. It also plays a vital role in ensuring you have enough cash in the bank to pay your staff, your other bills, and importantly yourself!

By outsourcing your finance function to us, you can have peace of mind that your credit control is handled with care by our experienced team, taking a professional approach and respecting your client relationships.

Our service is built around your needs, with the end goal to help improve your bank balance. Whether you're in need of daily, weekly, or even the off monthly phone call, our service will have you covered.

Don't become a bank for your customers

'Cash is king' might seem like a glib soundbite, but it's rooted in a harsh truth, with a lack of funds the single biggest reason why businesses go to the wall.

Stay in charge of your cash flows by keeping on top of your receivables - your business is not a source of finance for your customers.

The benefits of credit control
  • improved bank balance
  • reduced risk of bad debts and financial loss
  • peace of mind that your credit control is in the hands of experts
  • spend more time on developing your business, and worry less about admin
  • better relationships with your suppliers (because you'll have more cash to pay them!)
  • improved decision-making as a result of more reliable and predictable cash flows
  • plan for any cash gaps by taking out short-term funding
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Getting to grips with credit control

To get you started, we've put together some quick credit control guides to help you on your way.

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We're here when you need to take your credit control to the next level, or want to reclaim your valuable time.


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Download your free guide to advanced credit control

Need help getting to grips with your credit control?

In our eBook 'Quick Guide to Better Credit Control’ above, we looked at how to overcome common problems, what to include in your sales invoices and payment terms, and important questions to ask every customer.

In this pack, we dive deep to uncover the secrets to successful credit control, looking at how to structure the ideal internal credit control process, how to properly conduct a credit check to judge whether or not to give your clients credit, and how to position your chaser emails with your credit control timeline for the most effective responses.

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