The UK is no longer in the EU

Get to grips with the new rules

The transition period for the UK leaving the EU has ended. The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement has been ratified by the UK Parliament and, at 11pm on 31 December, 2020, the UK left the EU customs union and single market.

Our Accounting Brexit Hub is a one-stop shop for new customs regulations and VAT requirements which businesses trading with the EU must now understand and follow.

Please talk to us about helping you with your "what-if" forecasting and planning for 2021 in this new UK-EU trading environment.

Find out about the Trade Agreement.

Key to note is that the terminology used for sales and purchases between the UK and EU member states has now changed. Acquisitions (purchases) are now imports, and dispatches (sales) are now exports.


VAT Rules for Post-Brexit Trade

Download our guide for navigating your way through VAT for trading under the new rules.


Importing Goods from the EU

Understanding the new rules will help you keep compliant, avoiding unnecessary delays. 

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Exporting Goods to the EU

You must now make customs declarations when exporting goods to the EU.


Importing Goods by Post

The process for importing goods from the EU by post has changed.


Customs Declarations

From 1 Jan 2021, if you're importing goods, you must complete an import declaration.


Getting an EORI Number

As of 1 January 2021 you need an EORI number to move goods between the UK and the EU.


Brexit Action Checklist

What should you review to make sure you are compliant with the new rules?


Options for Ecommerce

New VAT rules mean there are new procedures to follow - so what are your options?

  • The British Chambers of Commerce is committed to supporting both national and international trade to enable businesses to survive and thrive in the future.
  • Find out more about the new trading rules on their Trade Hub page.

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