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Year End Tax Planning Guide

With the closure of the 2023 tax year approaching on April 5, 2024, there remains an opportunity to assess your tax strategies and capitalise on current year-end possibilities. Inform Accounting's Year End Planning Guide offers counsel and tactics to ready yourself for the financial year's end, maximising available tax allowances and reliefs.

This comprehensive guide furnishes insights into actionable strategies and opportunities beneficial for both business and personal financial planning to navigate through the remainder of the tax year.

Each tax year presents its unique set of challenges, and this year is no different. While the Autumn Statement of 2023 lacked significant announcements, several noteworthy changes predating it are set to take effect soon. These changes warrant consideration as part of an end-of-year review for many individuals, encompassing:

  • Further reductions in the capital gains tax annual exempt amount

  • Additional cuts to the Dividend Allowance

  • Implementation of basis period reform for unincorporated businesses


It's essential to peruse this guide, which also outlines planning potential in areas such as:

  • Income tax rates and allowances

  • Tax implications for families

  • Strategies for director-shareholders in family companies

  • Pension planning

  • Optimising savings and investments

  • Understanding capital gains tax rules and upcoming alterations

  • Effective utilisation of gift aid


Make use of this year-end checklist to ensure comprehensive financial planning.

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