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Why use a specialist accountant for your creative business?

Why use a specialist accountant for your creative business

When youre looking to appoint a new accountant to look after your creative agency finances, does it really make a difference if you choose a creative business specialist rather than the traditional jack of all trades?

We think so. Heres what we see as some of the key differences

A head for figures

Creative agencies are full of creative people, and its rare that creative types have a real penchant for financial figures! Its important to have an accountant who understands that, and goes the extra mile to take the financial burden off your shoulders and make all your dealings as transparent as possible.

Naturally, a specialist accountant with experience of the creative industry will also know the unique challenges your business faces - and will therefore be able to offer pro-active advice that goes far beyond book-keeping.

In touch with technology

With your studio more than likely awash with MacBooks, you might as well make the most of the technology already at your fingertips - and a forward-thinking creative accountant will help you do just that.

Specialist accountants will set you up with cloud accounting software that not only suits your tech-savvy skills, but also helps to streamline your studio by integrating with project management applications.

Look at some of our previous blog posts for creative agencies to find out more about Xero add ons like WorkflowMax.


Knowing your pain points

An accountant who understands your business is able to focus assistance where you need it most. And as an accountancy firm that works with many creative agencies big and small, we know that profit extraction is often one of the biggest issues.

Rest assured, we can help you get money out of your business in the most effective, tax-efficient way possible.

Similarly, we learn from our experiences with other agencies, and can recognise your financial pain points often before you spot them yourself!

Want to use a specialist accountant for your creative business now? Why not give us a call to see how our expertise in the creative sector can help you and your business. 


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