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Unlocking Business Success: Why Fathom Is Your Key to Financial Excellence

Inform Accounting are proud to partner with iwoca, a specialist small business lender who have supplied over 90,000 SMEs with finance since 2012. 

If you’re looking for some short term funds to purchase stock, invest in growth or just keep your cash flow smooth, iwoca might be for you.

If you haven't considered integrating Fathom into your business operations yet, you might be missing out on a powerful tool that could transform the way you perceive and manage your financial health.

Let's explore why every business should be using Fathom to unlock their full potential:


1. Gain Clarity Amidst Complexity 

In the realm of business finance, complexity is the norm. Multiple data sources, diverse revenue streams, and various expenses can make it challenging to grasp the overall financial picture.

Fathom simplifies this complexity by consolidating data from accounting platforms into clear, concise, and visually appealing reports. It transforms raw data into meaningful insights, providing you with a comprehensive view of your business's financial performance. 



2. Empower Informed Decision-Making 

Informed decisions are the bedrock of successful businesses. Fathom empowers you to make data-driven decisions by offering advanced analytics and customisable dashboards. Whether you need to assess profitability, track cash flow, or identify growth opportunities, Fathom's powerful tools enable you to delve deep into your financial data. Armed with these insights, you can make strategic decisions that drive your business toward greater profitability and sustainability. 



3. Streamline Financial Reporting 

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming financial reporting processes. Fathom automates the creation of financial reports, saving you valuable time and resources. With just a few clicks, you can generate professional, board-ready reports that highlight key performance indicators, trends, and forecasts. This streamlined reporting not only enhances efficiency but also ensures accuracy and consistency, bolstering your credibility in the eyes of stakeholders. 




4. Enhance Collaboration and Accountability 

Fathom facilitates collaboration between stakeholders by providing a centralised platform for financial analysis and reporting. Real-time access to shared dashboards fosters collaboration, enabling your team to work together seamlessly. Additionally, it promotes accountability as every stakeholder can easily track progress and performance metrics, encouraging a culture of responsibility and transparency within your organisation. 



5. Fuel Business Growth 

Ultimately, Fathom is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for growth. By leveraging Fathom's insights, you can identify untapped market opportunities, optimise operational efficiency, and develop data-backed strategies. Whether you're a small start-up or a well-established enterprise, Fathom equips you with the knowledge and confidence to scale your business and achieve sustainable growth. 

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Ready to Transform Your Business? 

Incorporating Fathom into your business is not merely a choice; it's a strategic investment in your success. Don't let valuable insights remain buried in your data – bring them to the surface with Fathom and watch your business thrive. 

Ready to unlock your business's full potential? Talk with us today and discover how this innovative tool can revolutionise your approach to financial management. Here's to your business's financial excellence and continued success!




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