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Making payroll work for you


One of the worries we often hear from businesses looking to outsource their payroll to an accountant, is the loss of control, and concerns about how we protect their employee’s data.

With BrightPay Connect, you can take control of your payroll with Payroll Entry and Approval functionality, safe in the knowledge that your employee data is secure. 

Easily and securely enter your employee’s hours on your BrightPay Connect employer dashboard, including any additions and deductions for the payroll period.


  • Security
    Eliminate the email document exchange, providing a more secure and accurate recording of the timesheets and hours. The BrightPay Connect service is a web based application hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. All data transmitted to and from the cloud service is secured using SSL over HTTPS. This includes data sent via web browsers and data sent from payroll applications.
  • Increased transparency
    You have full control over entering the employee hours and verifying the payroll details before the data is processed. You also have full visibility over the audit trail, which includes each of the steps taken, payroll files approved and submitted, and comments left by you.
  • Seamless integration
    The portal links directly to our systems, so that we’re always working on the most up to date information, and ensuring your payroll is processed accurately, and on time.

Take a look…

Want to see how this works? Take a look at our short demo below.

We’re passionate about protecting your data

These features also offer an additional layer of GDPR protection for your payroll information.

  • Confidential employee information will be exchanged with us through a secure portal, reducing the need for emails containing sensitive personal information.
  • It reduces the need for manual data entry by us into our payroll software, reducing possible errors of manual data entry.
  • You will have full ownership of the data verification and approval before finalising.
  • Access to BrightPay Connect is protected by username and password with role and permission based access for each user.


If you’re interested in using the Payroll Entry feature, please get in touch with our Payroll team on (0121) 667 3882, or email



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