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Customer case study: eCommerce Retail

In 2018, a relatively small (but growing) ecommerce business approached Inform Accounting, after previously working with an individual accountant. They were looking for a modern accountant that could support their growth, and after a few conversations decided to start working with Sian and the Inform team.

The director, who wished to remain anonymous, said he made the transition because he "wanted someone to lean on for advice and expertise with the accounts, as well as the more standard accounting tasks."

With regular calls to discuss strategy and direction, as well as looking at operational improvements, Inform was able to help the business grow and achieve their goal of launching a women's line. As part of these regular meetings, Sian worked closely with them on cash flow management, introducing the business to Fluidly.

"Sian introduced us to Fluidly and it was exactly what we needed. We had a few internal documents, but we really needed a software which would forecast our cashflow. Sian was excellent in helping us set that up and keep it up to date."

After their successes since joining Inform, the director noted that whilst the business had come across as a Xero user, they could see how working with a cloud expert means they really can benefit from using the full potential of Xero.

"Inform were really good at helping us to use Xero to the full extent that we needed." 

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