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Customer case study: Haig & Co

Haig & Co is an accountancy and finance recruitment firm based in Birmingham founded almost six years ago, recruiting all levels of professionals. 

Unlike with previous accountants, Haig & Co were drawn to Inform because of the autonomy they had over the accounting process. They were not having to go through numerous layers of bookkeepers and reams of information with different accountants - Inform put it readily available in one place. 

"To be able to go onto the app, see who owes you money and who you owe money too, it's so simple. I think it's a big revolution." said Greg Morrall, Director and Co-Founder of Haig & Co.

From a business continuity perspective also, having a reliable company with multiple employees was reassuring for Greg. He stated "I've known bookkeepers to take leave for a number of months at a time, but you know with the guys at Inform that there will always be someone there to give you support, someone will always be able to fill in."

Inform manages the Haig & Co accounts through Xero, and Greg described the transition onto Xero as 'seamless'. Using Xero meant they were not constantly chasing bookkeepers to find out information about the accounts, but Inform allowed them to have it at their fingertips.

Greg also mentioned that "From a sustainability point of view, Inform stand out. There are not thousands of pieces of paper being unnecessarily printed off which makes a huge change from what we are used to."

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