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Customer case study: AMS Mortgages

AMS mortgages are a specialist mortgage broker based in Birmingham. Having been with Inform Accounting from the very beginning, they’re one of Infom’s oldest customers - with the relationship spanning over 10 years. 

Across this period Inform has been managing everything from bookkeeping to payroll and management accounts - all through Xero.  Speaking about the service he’s received from Inform, Director, David McCrum said:

“The biggest credit I can pay to Inform is that we’ve been with them for over 10 years.”

“Although I’m not directly involved in the finance function, if there’s ever a problem it comes to me. And it never does, which is probably the greatest praise I can give them”

Speaking about Inform’s COVID-19 initiatives, David added:

We receive regular summary emails from Inform which are much easier to understand, even than the government websites.” 

They’ve absolutely smashed it out of the park in terms of the communication they’ve been providing.


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