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Calling all creatives! 5 reasons to switch to a cloud accountant

Creative agencies 5 reasons to switch to a cloud accountant

Working at a forward-thinking creative agency, there’s every chance you’re already using ‘the cloud’ to bring little rays of sunshine to your working day. Maybe you’re quickly and conveniently sharing hosted documents with clients via Dropbox or Google Docs, for instance?

If so, you’ll already have an insight into the benefits of switching to a cloud accountant.

Making the most of modern technology, cloud accountants can provide a far quicker, slicker, more pro-active advice service than a traditional accountant can muster. Here are just a handful of tangible reasons to make the switch sooner rather than later…


1 Get paid quicker

Didn’t realise switching your accountant could help you get paid quicker? It certainly can. By using cloud accountancy software like Xero, you can streamline and automate your invoicing processes - eliminating the man-hours associated with admin tasks, and getting money in the bank much faster.


2 Grow your business

There’s more to the modern accountant than just filing tax returns and submitting statutory accounts at the end of the year. By working with a cloud accountant, and enabling them to access your real-time financial data around the clock, you’ll find they’re able to help you make big business decisions at the right time.

Cloud accounting makes your financial affairs a collaborative effort between you and your accountant - and together, you can be a powerful team.


3 Save time

In the same way that a shared Dropbox saves you time bouncing emails and iterations back and forth with your clients, cloud accounting significantly cuts the time you need to spend on your finances.

Take expense management as an example. Rather than delivering reams of papers and receipts to your accountant or manually inputting data yourself, cloud accounting applications enable you to simply scan your receipts from the comfort of your own desk. The data is then automatically extracted into your accounts.

What will you do with all that spare time…


4 Manage your projects

The way in which you manage your creative projects makes a huge difference to the profitability of your business - and a switch to cloud accounting could be the catalyst to streamlining your studio.

Cloud accountancy platforms like Xero integrate with a number of first-class project management applications, not only helping you to run your business better, but providing you with a wealth of useful insights on individual and collective team performance.

Take a look at our previous blog post - ‘Managing creative projects via Xero’ - to find out more.


5 Save money

We know what you’re thinking. If cloud accountants bring so many benefits to the table, surely it costs a fortune to use one. Gladly, we can say that’s not the case. Indeed, on the contrary, a cloud accountant will save you money.

That’s because by working pro-actively with your real-time data, we can go further than simply cutting your tax bill at the end of the year - we can identify significant cost savings for you right throughout the calendar.

So, the question isn’t really about whether you can afford to switch to a cloud accountant - it’s whether you can afford not to!

Find out more about the benefits of cloud accounting for your creative business, by giving our team a call or contacting us online.


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