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Customer case study: Probe UK

Probe UK are midlands-based recruitment organisation specialising in the manufacturing sector. Over 22 years, Probe has worked with some of the world’s largest enterprises, as well as smaller, niche companies. 

Before joining Inform, Probe had an internal finance team, including a Financial Controller as well as a part-time assistant - who managed all of the day-to-day financial tasks in-house. Meanwhile, all annual financial reporting was handled by a traditional accountant.

However, while effective, the businesses found that the internal team required considerable input from senior management to operate - which often led to delays in key tasks being completed.

At the same time, Probe was considering moving to Xero - to take advantage of the real-time financial information, flexibility and mobility that it offers. After turning to their traditional account for support in this decision, it quickly became clear that a specialist would be required to make the most of this transition.

Probe UK therefore took the decision to work with Inform, who used their experience as a Platinum Xero Partner to initially support the implementation of Xero. And then began managing Probe’s day-to-day and annual financial requirements on their behalf.

This not only meant that Probe had the specialist knowledge to operate their finances in the cloud, it also led to increased efficiency in their financial operations - as, through Xero, Inform had all of the information they required to manage the function externally and autonomously, with limited input from senior management.

Cost savings were achieved too. By rolling up the function of an internal team, as well as an external accountant - Probe realised a 65% decrease in the cost of their financial management.

Speaking about the service he’s received, Director of Probe UK, Martyn Davies said:

"With regards to the support we’ve had from Inform, it’s been very timely. Whenever we need support, even over the weekend or during the evening we’ve had it. The level of support we’ve received has been refreshing to say the least"

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