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Simplified sales accounting with Dext Commerce

Designed with bookkeepers, accountants, and businesses in mind, Dext Commerce's accounting automation software is a game-changer, providing the necessary data, insights, and tools for companies to thrive in the digital sales arena.


Streamlined Sales Accounting in Three Simple Steps

Step 1 - Retrieve Detailed and Accurate Data

Dext Commerce takes the hassle out of data retrieval. Whether it's transactions from Amazon, Stripe, various retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, or payment providers, Dext Commerce fetches itemised data to give you a comprehensive overview.


Step 2 - Consolidate and Standardise

Once the data is gathered from multiple platforms, Dext Commerce transforms it into a standardised format. This covers everything from sales and expenses to refunds and reimbursements, providing a cohesive and easily understandable snapshot of your financials.


Step 3 - Export with Ease

Exporting your data has never been simpler. Customer details, payment methods, shipping fees, taxes, SKU information, and more can be effortlessly exported to your Xero or QuickBooks account. With Dext Commerce, you have the flexibility to pick and choose the specific data you need.


See how it works...


Discover Simplicity

Dext Commerce takes the complexity out of managing expenses and sales data from various e-commerce and point-of-sale platforms. The software efficiently organises and exports this data into a single, standardised view, making it significantly easier for businesses to analyse and gain valuable insights.

See how Dext Commerce can transform your digital sales data management and elevate your financial tracking to new heights. It's not just about simplifying the process; it's about giving small and medium businesses the tools they need to thrive in a digital-first world.


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