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Receipt Bank - The Essential Guide To Xero Add-On's

Let your expenses data flow from your Receipt Bank account to where you need it! Receipt Bank integrates seamlessly with Xero, the comprehensive online accounting system.

Xero’s easy to use functionality keeps you up to date with your accounts and allows you to access them from work, home or on the go.

Xero works hand in hand with Receipt Bank, so with a few clicks you can quickly and easily send your expenses data from Receipt Bank directly to Xero. We do the data entry for you, so you don’t have to, saving you even more time and money! 

  • Scan your receipts - Receipt Bank has the option to upload single or         multiple receipts at any time
  • Log into your receipt bank account which we will link to Xero for you
  • Once on your account, click on the 'add items' tab
  • Follow one of the submitting options to upload your receipts
  • Your receipts now automatically appear as 'general expenses'
  • This can be changed by clicking the 'suppliers' tab
  • Once happy there are two options: Publish to Xero and Add to                   expense report
  • If published to Xero it will now be available in your account
  • When logged into Xero, your receipt will be in the 'draft bills'
  • If you're happy with the receipt then click 'approve
  • If not then changes can be made or the receipt can be deleted
  • To add more receipts, follow the same process:
  1. Scan receipt
  2. Chose upload method
  3. Wait 24 hours for the receipt to be processed
  4. Check accuracy in receipt bank and process to Xero
  5. Check accuracy in Xero and approve

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