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Inform Accounting Ltd adopts Receipt Bank


Here at Inform Accounting we understand that the time you spend on your bookkeeping and expenses could be better spent building your business.

Therefore, we’re pleased to announce our adoption of Receipt Bank, the Xero add-on which removes the burden of data entry and gets rid of your boxes of paper.

No more storing receipts and invoices!

Your bank feed supplies Xero with the latest information on your cash in / out. The Receipt Bank feed adds to this by inserting your receipts and supplier invoices into Xero. By adding transactions that have yet to hit the bank account and the supporting documentation of your bank transactions, Receipt Bank ensures that your data in Xero is richer than ever before!

How to submit your receipts and invoices

You can submit your receipts and purchase invoices to Receipt Bank in a variety of ways! Via iPhone and Android apps, Dropbox, email-in, or upload from computer etc. You can even post your paper to Receipt Bank for them to scan and upload directly to your online account.

Receipt and invoice processing

Receipt Bank extracts the necessary data from the transactions and securely stores the scanned copies in your online account, ensuring your business has its records saved in an easily retrievable way.


Inform Accounting and Receipt Bank

Inform Accounting will have access to your Receipt Bank account enabling us to manage your expenses from there. The partnership with Receipt Bank is an example of how Inform Accounting is continually taking advantage of new technology to help our clients improve their businesses!

If you would like a Receipt Bank account please contact us on 0121 667 3882 or click here to set up an account: .

If you aren’t currently a client of Inform Accounting please contact us on 0121 667 3882 and we can help you to set up a Receipt Bank account and give you further information on our other services.



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