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Why Our Favourite Number At Inform Is Xero


The rise and rise of online technology is taking the world by storm, and in our world (the world of online accounting) the technology that has taken us by storm happens to be cloud-based software that goes by the name of Xero.

Information is held securely via the ‘cloud’ (an online accounting platform) so business owners and their accountants have instant access to important financial data as well as a range of performance reports remotely; which means that it doesn’t matter if your accountant is based in the Midlands and your business is based firmly in the north or down south, distance just isn’t an issue. In fact, with cloud based software like Xero, business owners can choose their accountant based on the services they offer rather than choosing one which is nearby.

So now might be a good time to mention that we’ve recently been awarded Xero Accounting Partner of the year 2015 and we’re the first and only Xero Gold Partner in Birmingham, making us experts in using Xero and helping our clients to use it too.

Sian Kelly, our Director here at Inform has been using Xero to help transform the way her clients run their businesses.

“The speed at which you can access your financial information is amazing, it’s helpful for business owners and for us as accountants too,” Sian says.

“Since we’ve introduced our clients to Xero, they can’t imagine going back to anything more traditional. It has literally transformed the way they see their finances and, with a bit of help and guidance from us, it’s given them the confidence to make decisions about their business going forward.”

Those who’ve been using more traditional accounting methods don’t know what they’re missing but it’ll soon be difficult to ignore the hum of positivity around online accounting software, and since great news travels fast business owners will be telling each other about the benefits of online accounting and how they can’t believe how they ever managed without it.

Xero is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, helping them to understand their finances and take control of them while making the best use their accountants skills and knowledge to really develop and grow their business to achieve all their business, and personal financial goals.

So, that said, even though we just love numbers (we are accountants, after all), we think it’s probably quite clear to see why here at Inform Accounting, our favourite number just has to be Xero!

Find out more about how Xero accounting software can help transform the way you do business, get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.


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