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Empower your business and cultivate healthier cash flows with Satago

Satago solutions are designed to facilitate intuitive, data-driven decision-making while ensuring your finances remain in optimal condition, maintaining a steady cash flow. Unleash the potential locked in outstanding invoices, enhance decision-making through real-time debtor data, expedite payments with automated invoice chasing, and propel your business growth with invoice finance. Experience how Satago safeguards your cash flow.


Risk Insights:  Keep tabs on your customers' credit health in real-time.

Evaluate potential credit risks comprehensively and intuitively with Satago's solution. Gain valuable insights into the risk levels associated with both new and existing customers, utilising a suite of risk analysis tools. Easily assess a customer's risk band, average payment times, receive suggested credit limits, and make informed decisions on your business partnerships.


Credit Control: Expedite payments by up to 72% through automated emails.

Transform hours into minutes by automating your invoice reminders, monthly statements, and thank-you emails. Customise your messaging and sending schedule for each customer, fostering healthier business relationships and encouraging better payment habits.

  • Real-time tracking and invoice monitoring

  • User-friendly credit control dashboard

  • Visualisations and reports help analyse trends, track improvements and make data-driven decisions


Invoice Finance: Securely finance your business faster.

Whether you're funding a new project, acquiring stock, or covering unforeseen expenses, waiting for application approvals shouldn't hinder your progress. Work on your own timelines, finance selected or all outstanding invoices at once, and benefit from transparent pricing with no minimum commitment. Experience a quicker, more efficient way to fuel your business growth with Satago's Invoice Finance.


Integrations: Seamlessly connect to market-leading accounting software

Satago connects to the most popular accounting software, such as Xero and Quickbooks, ensuring your financial data is synchronised, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving time on manual data entry.


Key benefits:

  1. Accelerated cash flow: automated credit control processes contribute to faster payment collections, pivotal for the day-to-day operations and growth aspirations of small businesses.

  2. Minimised risk exposure: insights into customer risk help to minimise risks of bad debt, whilst understanding customer payment behaviours allows more informed decisions on extending lines of credit.

  3. Time and resource efficiency: automation and integration capabilities free up valuable time for small business owners, allowing focus on strategic initiatives and core business functions.

  4. Improved client relationships: maintaining consistent and respectful communication about overdue payments contributes to a more transparent and trusting business relationship.

Find out more about Satago and how it could support your business here.


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