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Customer case study: Happy Self Journal

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"The appeal to us was their knowledge of e-commerce, and also the fact that they offered us the full service."


HappySelf Journal is an e-commerce business that sells journals positioned for children, helping promote their happiness and developing healthy habits for life.

Since its launch in 2018, HappySelf has seen rapid growth, and it became apparent that additional financial support was needed. After talking with a number of accountants, Inform Accounting stood out as the firm of choice because of their knowledge of the e-commerce sector and experience of using sales platforms like Shopify and Amazon. 

Founder of HappySelf Journal, Francesca Geens, spoke about working with Inform;

"The appeal to us was their knowledge of e-commerce, and also the fact that they offered us the full service. We didn't need to look for a separate bookkeeper or anything. They had everyone in house, which makes communication really easy."

As soon as they began working together, Inform introduced HappySelf to Xero for their accounting software. Francesca said "[i]t was good to see that they were experts in Xero. They know it inside out, and they set it up in a way that made the things I need to do super straightforward, so I don't need to deal with most of it."



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