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Be Informed: guarding against a potential new scam

Your safety and security is of utmost importance to all of us at Inform Accounting. 

In this age of technological marvels, unfortunately, there's also an uptick in scams that prey on unsuspecting individuals. We've caught wind of a potential new scam making the rounds, and your protection is our top priority. Here's the lowdown on what we know so far.


It seems scammers are getting craftier by the day. Lately, we’ve had a report of a few individuals receiving an email claiming to be from a software provider many of you may be familiar with - DocuSign. These emails typically require action on your part.

As a practice, we made the decision last year to move away from Docusign, and now use Signable. Any requests sent by a member of our team for document signature will be from Signable.


If you receive an email from Docusign requesting for you to click a link to sign a document, please report this as spam to your email provider or IT department - it has not been sent by us and is potentially harmful.

If you're ever unsure whether an email has been sent from us, just get in touch and we will look into it. Don't click on links that make you feel uncomfortable - be smart, be safe.



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