Understanding your financial and non-financial information is the key to running a successful business. We'll help you streamline your financial processes and cut out the wasted admin time. We'll also provide insightful management accounts that give you a better handle on those all-important numbers. 

We use Xero online accounting software to give you a truely flexible view of your key numbers. 

Let the cloud do the heavy lifting

Xero's flexibility comes from an ever-growing selection of Xero Add-ones- cloud based plug-ins that expand the functionality of Xero and let you tailor it exactly to your industry and your business. 

With Xero at the centre of your business system, and Xero Add-ons doing the hard work, you can get back to focusing on running and developng your business. 

We’ve highlighted four ways that Inform
can enhance your small business.



A solid financial foundation for your business

Xero is simple accounting software that you use in the cloud or on your mobile.

It makes running the financial side your business an absolute breeze.

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Shine a Spotlight on your business data

Your Xero business information is a goldmine of insightful data to be mined. 

Spotlight uses clear graphics, diagrams and charts to explain your business performances.

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Let Receipt Bank do the admin

You don't want to spend your valuable business time on financial admin and data entry. 

With Recipt Bank Xero Add-on you just scan your paperwork straight into Xero. 

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Get control of your business data

Understanding your metrics and KPIs gives your business real confidence.

Spotlight works alongside Xero to give you an insightful view of your performance.

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