Understanding your key numbers!

When you're running a fast-moving creative business, it's vital that you have a great overview of the health of both your financial and non-financial information. But we know that, sometimes, the creative work can eat in to your business time too. Thats where we come in. 

We use Xero online accounting software to take the hassle out of your bookkeeping and accounting, while also giving your an amazing clear view on your key numbers.

Save time and get more creative

Xero Add-ons are plug-ins that let you create a software system that's 100% tailored to your business. They can record the time you spend on each project, manage your creative jobs and even automate areas of the business that take up your creative time - like bookkeeping and chasing debts. 

With Xero as your financial platform, and a bespoke package of Xero Add-ons, we can help you get back your creative time and leave the admin to the software. 

We’ve highlighted four ways that Inform
can enhance your creative business.



A solid financial foundation for your business

Xero is simple accounting software that you use in the cloud or on your mobile.

It makes running the financial side your business an absolute breeze.

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Save time with Receipt Bank

As a creative business you don't want to spend your time keying in receipts and expenses. 

With the Receipt Bank Xero Add-on you just scan your paperwork straight into Xero. 

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Get control of your business data

Understanding your metrics and KPIs gives your business real confidence.

Spotlight works along side Xero to give you an insightful view of your performance.

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Manage your creative projects with ease

Keeping on top of project deadlines and time spent can become comeplicated. 

Workflow Max is a time and oragnisation tool that makes project management easy. 

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