Accountancy Services in the West Midlands

Modern. Proactive. Friendly. Different. Just a few words to describe Inform Accounting – your Xero accountants in Birmingham. You’ll find out more about Xero soon enough, but for now, just know that we’re here to help. And whether you’re a start-up business, a sole-trader or a several-office super-power, we’ve got the accountancy expertise to make a big difference to your bottom line.

We’ll save you time with online accounting, we’ll save you money on your tax bill – and if you fancy coming round to see us, we’ll even save you some of our posh biscuits. Best give us a call straight away…

Grow your business

To most people, accountants are synonymous with end-of-year tax returns. But while tax remains very much on our agenda, we like to think we offer a little more than form-filling and number-crunching.

We’re here to help you grow, to flourish – to support budding entrepreneurs and established owners make the very most of their business potential. We do it through constant communication, analytical thinking, and the provision of crucial, insightful management accounts.

And if you’re a new start-up business, check out our free PDF guide – a quick and easy way to learn the ins and outs of your accounting obligations.

Cloud Accounting

Inform is one of the leading Xero accountants in Birmingham – and if that doesn’t mean much to you now, it soon will.

Xero is an online accounting platform that lets you host your financial data in the ‘cloud’, giving you access to it wherever you are in the world. Better still, Xero enables you to automate your invoicing, track your expenses and monitor your cash-flow in real-time.

Indeed with Inform and Xero combining to take care of all your accountancy work, you’re only left with one real problem: Working out what you’re going to do with all that new-found spare time…

Accountancy packages

From balancing your books to perfecting your payroll, we offer a range of accountancy services that few other Birmingham accountants can match. We’re not going to force all our services on you though – we’ll help you tailor a package that gives you no more, and no less, than you really need.

So, we’ll sort your end-of-year tax returns as standard (everyone needs that), and we’ll throw in cloud accounting software too (no-brainer) – but thereafter, we’ll leave it up to you to bolt on as many of our other services as you like.

And rest assured, whether you choose all of them or none of them, you’ll get exactly the same standard of service from us. Clients, we love you all equally.


With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying. No nasty shocks when the bill arrives.


Inform Accounting is a certified partner of Xero, the World’s leading online accountancy platform.


We’re approachable, friendly, sociable people. Sometimes, we wonder if we’re really accountants at all.

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