Book-keeping service, Birmingham

In the ‘old days’ your books were kept by somebody who was, well, on your books. But now the benefits of outsourced accounting far outweigh the importance of an in-house book-keeper

We live in a business world that doesn’t stand still for a second. So, if you’re still relying on in-house capability, what happens when your book-keeper is off on holiday? Or ill? Do you really have the time to raise invoices and track expenses yourself?
Maybe it’s a problem you’ve yet to encounter. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the moment your book-keeper spends any prolonged time out of the office is the moment you’ll need them most.

By outsourcing your book-keeping to an accountant (we’ve got somebody in mind), you’ll have it covered round the clock, right throughout the year. And we’re not talking old-school, put-all-your-documents-in-a-carrier-bag-and-whizz-them-round-to-the-accountant style book-keeping – we’re talking modern, online solutions that keep us both in the picture in real-time.

Book-keeping with Xero

With Inform Accounting (and a little help from our online accounting program Xero) book-keeping is easy and instant. You can send us your files quickly and simply via dropbox, submit receipts with breath-taking ease via Receipt Bank, and entirely automate a paper trail that might otherwise have jeopardised a small forest.

It’s not about saving paper though, it’s about saving you time and money.

By letting us help you with your book-keeping as well as your end of year accounts, we’ll be able to work more efficiently and pass cost savings on to you. More obviously, by outsourcing your book-keeping, you could potentially lose a part or full-time salary from your payroll too.

And by working online in the cloud, we might just save you a few headaches along the way. It doesn’t bear to think about what would happen if your book-keeper’s computer went wrong – but with Xero, everything is backed up, safe and secure as it should be.

If you’d like to find out more benefits of our book-keeping service, just give us a call and we’ll fill you in on the details. Or you can pop round and see us (but maybe leave the carrier bag of spreadsheets at home).