We’re big fans of events

At Inform, we believe you get more from your accountant by meeting them face-to-face.


Meet Our Peers

We run regular events where you get to meet not just the Inform Accounting team, but also other local business people and business owners
It’s your chance to network, learn and expand your business knowledge.

Get hands-on advice

You’ll learn more when you’re in the room at our events.
We take what can be fairly complex accounting, tax and business issues and make them simple.
And simple advice is what will help your business grow.

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Past Events

Making creativity pay

If you’re running a creative business, the key to success is knowing your numbers. With this insight you can make the right choices when it comes to things like pricing, project managment and cash flow.

If you want to learn exactly what the top firms do to make ridiculous profits, join us at our next networking event on 18th June at Fazeley Studios. Creative industry experts from Inform Accounting, Xero, Receipt Bank and Spotlight will share best practices covering areas such as:

Estimating accurately and controlling scope-creep
Increasing rates, client spend and margins
Getting paid more quickly
Effective resourcing & Planning.

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