Make your creative company more profitable

There's a very important discipline that many creative business don't practice enough- reviewing ther financial position to improve profitability/ Without profit, you can't stay afloat, you can't create financial stability and you can't provide the foundations from growth. 

So get paid for your creativity is highly important. 

We've highlighted six key areas of your creative business where you can improve your profitability. We'll help you step from your company, evaluate where changes can be made and get you started on the way to turning a better profit. 

Six key ways to improve your profitability




Sales and Marketing efficiency

Good sales and marketing is based on sound understanding of your financial situation

  • Knowing your most profitable customers
  • Knowing your best performing sales person
  • Measuring your return on investment



Gross margin and profit margin

Knowing and understanding your gross margin and profit margain could change your creative life.

  • Gross margin is the difference between revenue and the cost of providing a product and service, before deducting overhead, taxation, and interest payments
  • Net profit, also referred to as the bottom line, is the profitability of a business after accounting for all costs 



Managing costs

When it comes to managing costs, it's not just a case of randomly cutting spending. 

  • Know and track your own spending
  • Understand the impact of making changes
  • Know the cost of acquiring a new client


Profit Management

Project management and profits

The better you manage all your creative projects the more money you'll make over time. 

  • Make your workflows and processes scable
  • Integrate your tools with you finance system
  • Track your time and review performance


Cash flow

Improving your cash flow

It's possible to have great profits on paper but still lack the cash flow to grow and expand. 

  • Use online invoicing and invoice chasing
  • Record sales in line with completion of work
  • Have stage payments ready to bill out when big projects are finished


Tax planning

Paying less tax

Planning ahead is the best to make sure you pay the minimum in tax on your end profits. 

  • Plan what cash you take out of the business
  • Pay into a pension plan to be more tax efficient
  • Have a tax planning review before year-end

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