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Running Your Business From Home? Make The Most Of Those Fixed Cost Deductions

February 11, 2015 | by blog editor | No comments

It’s not uncommon these days for people to work from home and run their businesses from home too. These days more than 4 million people work from an office in their home, working anything from one to five days a week minus the dreaded commute.

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No More VAT Nightmares - Top Tips For Paying Your Bill On Time

February 05, 2015 | by blog editor | No comments

For many people, VAT is something you pay on services and products (and maybe the odd pasty or two). For others, particularly business owners, VAT is a quarterly bill they have to pay and the thought of it fills them with apprehension. Although it’s only three little letters, VAT (Value Added Tax) can often feel huge for small businesses.

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Free iZettle Card Reader And Transactions For One Month

February 04, 2015 | by blog editor | No comments

For one month only! Following their recent integration with Xero, iZettle are offering a free iZettle Card Reader and Transactions allowing you to take card payments when out and about.

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HMRC credit card sales campaign

January 29, 2015 | by blog editor | No comments

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have a new campaign. The disclosure campaign is aimed at traders who accept payments by debit and credit cards but who haven’t declared all transactions. The Credit Card Sales campaign provides an opportunity for individuals and companies accepting debit and credit cards (but have not reflected all transactions in their tax return) to bring their affairs up to date in a simple, straightforward way and take advantage of the best possible terms.

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Executing strategy

January 28, 2015 | by blog editor | No comments

Failing to plan, plan to fail. We all know this. However, many businesses that create a strategy or business plan fail to execute it to a significant degree. This may be because it requires change, commitment, innovation, leadership and numerous other things to get your business ready to execute your plan.

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Xero helps SMBs grow with integrated quoting feature

January 22, 2015 | by blog editor | No comments


Xero works while you sleep from Xero Limited on Vimeo.

Small business owners can now grow their business and revenue even faster with Quotes in the latest version of Xero. Xero now puts SMBs completely in control of their sales workflow and allows them to easily collaborate with their advisors to scale their business without ever having to leave their accounting platform or pay for costly add-ons.

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